Only The Freshest Food

Each year we have a garden from which we harvest many of the foods that we serve our guests, The raspberries, strawberries and blackberries are served fresh from the garden or in jams during the remainder of the year. Ripe tomatoes, lettuce, peppers, broccoli, and cucumbers are served in season from the garden. Meat served with the meals is most often from local farmers in the market or local butcher.

Our Menu

We determine the needs of our different guests, dietary restrictions, time of their breakfast to make the best choice for the morning.This means that we do not have a menu as such. It is the cook's choice for the meal of the day. The items listed below are things we cook at breakfast time. Special advance orders are occassionally taken.

Special Diet?

Our breakfast takes advantage of the freshness and quality of local fruits and vegetables whenever possible!

We try to accommodate special diet restrictions such as; Gluten Intolerance Lactose Intolerance Vegan and Lacto-Ovo with advance notice, especially for highly restricted diets would be appreciated.

Our Coffee And Tea

Coffee - A choice of Tim Horton's fine grind drip - French Press with freshly ground beans

Tea - A variety of breakfast and herbal teas

Juices Fruit and Baking

Juices - Orange, apple, grapefruit, blueberry

Fruit - Fruit plate & cups can be topped with lemon curd, yogurt toppings or compotes

Baking - Croissants, homemade muffins, homemade loaves and toast with homemade jams and local spreads accompany your breakfast.

Fruit served is seasonal and local when available.

Main Dishes

Our dishes are varied and can depend on the season and availability.

We use local organic eggs in dishes such as shirred, benedict, poached, various omelettes and quiches.

Waffles, pancakes including gluten free recipes are often served with saute fruit, maple syrup and other syrups

On the side we serve items such as local bacon and locally made gluten free sausages.

Come enjoy the view!

Situated in Owen Sound, great views and amazing food. What more could you ask for?

We are inspected and approved by FOBBA